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About Us

MySEOTools is your suite of free seo tools. An all-one solution to perform any tasks for your SEO Campaign. We are a group of passionate people making seo available for all.

The Story of MySEOTools

Being in the SEO industry for over 5 years, we at ThatWare, India’s only AI SEO Solution, found out that 80% of all SEO activities require the service of some form of premium seo tool in order to perform at the highest standards.

However, more than 70% of SEOs in India can’t afford such premium SEO Tools. The challenge was to create a suite of SEO Tools and make it available so all can use them absolutely free. Together with the best SEO Professionals and specialist developers in ThatWare, we developed 70+ SEO Tools with multiple functions required for an SEO Campaign and made it free for all

Our suite of tools helps perform every kind of SEO function needed to succeed in an SEO Campaign. Today it stands as a “treasure trove” for all SEOs seeking premium tools to take their campaigns to the next level.

Vision of MySeoTools.io

MySEOTools.io was founded by Tuhin Banik, CEO of ThatWare, World’s first AI Based SEO Solutions provider. My SEO Tools was founded to fill one simple gap in the SEO market, that is to make premium tools available for all users.  It was an extension of the premium AI SEO Tool, webtool.co which is also part of ThatWare. It handles advanced SEO operations that help in optimizing for higher concepts like Semantic SEO.

MySEOTools.io is a suite of 70+ tools that perform that is suited to perform all basic SEO function like keyword research, backlink analysis, content audit etc. Our sole goal is to empower modern SEOs and free them from being dependent on paid Premium tools thus allowing anyone to grow their website at minimum investment.

Idealogy Behind MySEOTools.io

Our Idealogies are vastly different from everyone else. While people are monetising SEO Tools, we intent to make SEO tools available for all. opportunity to grow should be fair and free for all.

Why Only SEO Tools?

Because we feel SEO is the only form of Marketing that can truly be free (or with atleast investment). Anyone can grow their business with SEO over time, and if you stick to a plan you will grow no matter what. Hence we focus on Search Engine Optimization and content marketing tools. When you get your content and SEO right, the traffic and sales will follow.


Over the years, Small SEO Tools has become the go-to platform for different groups of online marketers. Our ideal users include: