Why You Should Use WHOIS Privacy for Your Domains
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Why You Should Use WHOIS Privacy for Your Domains

The WHOIS database is essentially a collection of information that applicants publish once they purchase a domain, such as your name and email address. It functions similarly to a traditional phone book in terms of contact information. As you might expect, having this information available to the public can lead to a slew of complications. Fortunately, when you buy a domain, most registrars allow you to “purchase” privacy controls. It hides that information from the public eye and keeps your contact information private. Not everyone recognizes the importance of keeping website ownership hidden from view. It can, however, play a role in a variety of situations. For many people, the extra fee per year is well worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing their information is secure.

Some of the reasons why you might want to use privacy on your domain are listed below. This isn’t to say you should hide your information at all costs, but it will save you a lot of trouble later on.

Why Should You Use Domain Privacy Controls?

1. Minimizing Identity Theft

Not every identity thief is after your credit card information. Many will attempt to gain control of your site, create accounts in your name, or otherwise cause digital havoc.

WHOIS privacy reduces the risk of your identity being stolen by those with malicious intent.

2. Personal Opinions vs. Professional Data

Many people will use privacy settings to separate their professional and personal lives.

As an example, suppose you said something extremely controversial on social media. In the absence of WHOIS privacy, your website could be linked to that comment by your name.

Some people may even go out of their way to gather as much information about you as possible simply because they disagree with you on a blog post. Keeping your true identity hidden allows you to keep your professional and personal lives separate.

3. Contact Information Management

Professionally, using a private domain encourages visitors to use specific contact information. These individuals will need to use the information you provide on the website rather than your private phone, email, or address to inquire about professional services. This gives you greater control over the correct contact information for your business website or professional blog. The last thing you want is for someone to call your number at two a.m. and try to order a product your company sells while you’re trying to sleep.

4. Hiding the Ownership or Designing Party of a Website

Not all registered users are directly related to the website under consideration. It’s fairly common for designers and website hosting providers to register domains on behalf of their clients.

Some clients would prefer not to have their personal information linked to the site for whatever reason. Some will use WHOIS privacy settings rather than displaying the designer’s information, which may have nothing to do with the topic of the website itself.

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